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When Your Freedom Is On The Line

Get 40 Years of Criminal Defense Expertise

A criminal charge can turn your life upside-down. Whether you’ve been charged with a major or minor criminal offense, finding the right criminal defense lawyer will make all the difference. Attorney Keith A. Zollinger of Zollinger Law Office in Pocatello, ID has 35 years of legal expertise in criminal defense and is dedicated to defending the rights of every client. From DUI/DWI, traffic violations and burglary to assault, rape and murder charges, Mr. Zollinger has the determination and experience to resolve your case according to your best interests.
Criminal Defence

Legal Practice Areas:

  • Criminal offense
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor

Aggressive & Relentless Advocacy

Mr. Zollinger is highly skilled and experienced in the most complex criminal defense cases. During his many years in practice, he has handled over 10,000 cases and has become known for his professionalism and relentless criminal defense advocacy. When you come to Mr. Zollinger, you will receive his unwavering dedication to fight for your rights and to obtain the best possible outcome.

Attorney Zollinger Will:

  • Create compelling exhibits for demonstrations in court
  • Gather expert witnesses to testify in court
  • Interview witnesses thoroughly
  • Perform extensive legal research

Trust Your Future With Keith A. Zollinger Today

For serious situations, such as being charged with a criminal offense, you need serious legal representation. Keith A. Zollinger of Zollinger Law Office is the Pocatello area’s preferred criminal defense attorney who is always working hard for the success of his clients.Call Zollinger Law Office today for your initial criminal defense consultation.